You Should Know THe Effective Way To Wash Your Own Car

A car is an object made of several materials, namely plastic, rubber and iron. The components which most of them use paint. As we know paint is a very sensitive chemical. For how to wash the right car, of course, special methods are needed in each part of the car so that cleaning is maximized. A mistake in cleaning the car just a little can damage the car or washing becomes not as we expected. Apart from that, you may also call the excellent clicking here if you need the best car maintenance service near your location.

Let’s see how to wash the car properly:

Make sure you spray water first from the hose for 15 seconds, to clean up the residual chlorine and chemicals that have the potential to damage the paint

First, close the car window and door tightly.

Then we start the step how to wash the car properly, that is by spraying water from the hose into the car body to clean the dust and sand attached to the body of the car. Spraying is important, because if we directly rub the body of the car then the dust and sand can scratch the paint.

Buy special cleaners for cars, do not use careless detergent because it can damage the paint of your car. Detergents and wax can also be used to wash cars. Wax will make the car’s paint shinier.

Then use a clean sponge to wash the car. Wash the car with a sponge starting with the roof.

You should avoid washing the car when the sun is shining directly on the car. Because water droplets will be the lens for the sun to focus light on the paint.

Wash thoroughly, do not leave the soap behind in the paint to dry. Because chemicals contained in the soap can damage car paint.

Then wipe the car using a special cloth that is clean and not hairy. Make sure there is no oil or sand attached to the cloth because it will potentially damage the paint.

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