You Must Know Bad Habits That Increase Your Muscle Mass

Muscle mass has many benefits for our bodies’ health. In addition to giving a better physical appearance, an increase in muscle mass is also beneficial for increasing the body’s metabolism and preventing osteoporosis and sarcopenia discover more. The age of 20 years is when we begin to lose about 0.7 kg of muscle mass per year. If we lose muscle mass, fat in the body will be easier to increase and we will be more easily tired in doing daily activities. Therefore, it is important for us to maintain and increase muscle mass. Without realizing it, some of these things can make you lose muscle mass. You should consider nitric oxide intake.

Your body needs time to form and repair damaged muscles. The body’s recovery period occurs when we sleep, especially when we enter deep sleep. In this condition, the body secretes hormones that trigger muscle growth. If you are lack of sleep, the hormones can decrease. The result is your muscle doesn’t grow optimally. Therefore, in between solid activities, try to get to sleep at least 7 hours each day. Besides physical rest, you also need to rest your mind. Stressful body and mind will trigger the production of the hormone cortisol which can inhibit the growth of muscle mass and trigger an accumulation of fat, especially in the waist area. Simply talk, lack of rest can cause a shortage of muscle mass.

If you lack protein, you should be prepared with the possibility of reducing muscle mass. Many people are afraid of consuming protein because they can make the body fatter faster. In fact, the body burns more calories when digesting protein than digesting other nutrients. Protein can also make you feel full longer and help maintain the presence of muscle mass. The less protein you consume, the ability of your muscles to improve their self after the workout session will decrease. As a result, the muscles will be damaged and you will lose your muscle mass.

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