You Can Get Rid Of Pest Easily

Do you often feel disturbed by the presence of insects at home? Or just me? Especially very annoying insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, or ants. You can also repel insects without chemicals. While you consider which pest control columbia sc you will hire, you can use these following tips.

Coffee powder

You can also use ground coffee. The trick, put ground coffee on a plate, then burn with fire until it is smoldering and smoky. Now the smoke will make insects run away.

Canned Tuna

This method can be used when your house is holding an event, and you don’t want any insects. The method is easy, quite open canned tuna, and put it outside the house, which is not visited by people. Insects will come to the tuna.


You turn on the fan, and the insects will fly away. Mosquitoes are weak flying animals so that mosquitoes cannot bite you if you move around quickly.

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