These Are Some Of The Mop Types That You Should Know

In cleaning the house, one of the things that need to be considered and can facilitate your work is the tool used. To clean the tile, for example, there are various types of mops that can be adapted to your needs and comfort. If you are not familiar, try to identify the variety of mops that are available below. In the meantime, you may call the spotless carpet cleaning if you want to hire the expert tile cleaners near your area.

Here are some of the mop types that you should know:

Flat Mop

The flat mop is one of the common types of mops found. As the name implies, the surface of a flat rectangular mop equipped with a microfiber cloth or other. This cloth can be replaced or washed to be used again. The flat mop is often used for cleaning homes in general. The advantages of this type of mop are easy to clean, use and also store. It’s just that, for food stains or sticky dirt on the tile, you need to press it with extra energy in order to get rid of the dirt.

Dust Mop

The dust mop also has a rectangular shape, but in contrast to a flat mop that is equipped with a fabric with a smooth surface, dust mop is equipped with a surface in the form of a tufted short strap. Because according to its function, the tassel is intended to ‘sweep’ dust. Not only dust on the tile, but dust mop is also used to be able to reach walls, sky, skylights that are dirty due to spiderwebs. This type of mop is not intended as a wet mop.

String Mop

The string mop is a traditional type of mop that is good to use because of its absorption and rubbing power. A string mop can enter easy corners and clean the tile thoroughly. Unfortunately, this type of mop is indeed more difficult to squeeze and dry completely, even sometimes making you sore when squeezing it. But considering the affordable price and the great benefits, many people are still comfortable using mop strips. Now many mop strings are equipped with an automatic squeezer feature.

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