2 Easy Steps to Look Fresh in Your School Uniforms

Although using school uniforms from a school uniform store, it does not mean you cannot look cool. With a cool appearance, of course, you will look more fresh and interesting. In addition, by looking beautiful you will certainly feel more confident. This confidence is very important, both in making friends and in achieving. With a high sense of confidence, your passion for learning will certainly also increase. Therefore, here are 2 easy steps you can do to keep it fresh and cool!

1. Keep the body clean
In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the body, you also must pay attention to the cleanliness of your hair. Wash it regularly. No need every day, too often shampoo also not good for hair health. Keeping hair hygiene is very important especially for those of you who have long hair.

2. Neat and clean
To support your appearance to make it okay, make sure your school uniforms and skirts are washed and ironed to be neat and unkempt. In addition to the uniform, you also should not forget the cleanliness of socks. Use socks that have been washed clean and of course wear socks that are still worth using.

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